Best Sellers Club FAQ

Who can sign up for the Best Sellers Club?

Any card holder from Davenport Public Library, Bettendorf Public Library, Clinton Public Library, LeClaire Community Library, Musser Public Library and the Eastern Iowa Community College Libraries. Scott County Library System card holders can sign up to the Scott County Library System's Bestseller Club here.

How many authors can I choose?

You may choose as many authors as you like! When those authors release a new title, we automatically place you on the holds list to receive it.

What is included?

New, previously unreleased adult Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Romance and Science Fiction & Fantasy titles by your chosen authors. Please note that re-releases and titles that fall outside of the adult genres described above will not be included.

What if I don't want every title that comes out by that author?

You may cancel the hold once it appears on your account either online or by contacting Davenport Public Library. Alternatively, you can also simply return the book instead of checking it out.

How long will it take me to get the book?

This may depend on the demand for the title. We will be randomizing the holds queue every time a new title becomes available. That way new members are not penalized for signing up at a later date. Please note that Large Print editions are often released 2-3 months after Regular Print editions.

What if I cannot make it in to pick up a book?

We hold items for 7 days. If you are unable to pick up a book, please contact the pick up library.

What if I cannot finish the book before the due date?

Renewals are allowed if nobody else has a hold on the book. You may have to place a new hold on the book either through your online account or by contacting Davenport Public Library. A reminder that overdue fines are $0.10 a day per item.

How do I add and remove authors?

You can fill out the form again to let us know. The fifth option down allows you to indicate whether you want to add or remove selected authors. Alternatively, you can contact Davenport Public Library.

Can I suggest an author to add to the list?

We do take author suggestions for this service, but we cannot guarantee we will add the author.